Past Broadcasts

Check out some of our past broadcasts.  All live programs on Amherst Island Radio are recorded and available for later listening. Listen in to some of the great programming we have archived for you. Click on the images to access the past shows you are looking for.

Udder Morning Show
(Janet Scott)

Cheesemaker’s Daughter
(Judy Bierma and Anthony Gifford)

I Like to Move It Mondays
(Mike & Diane Cox)
Coming To The Island
(Vanessa V and Katie Little)
Jacked Up
(Jack Mead)
Talk’O Tuesday
(Jon Nye)

Oldies and Goodies
(Sue Jennett)

Tales From The Tarpit
(John McKinney and Katalin Kiss)

Retro Tuesdays
(Kevin Offord)

Tuned Up / Tuned Out Talk
(Shannon Myra / Colin and Chris)

Scott Jackson Show
(Scott Jackson)

Rise and Shine
(Bill McKee)

That’s Life
(Nancy Cervenko)

(Mary Lou Wolfreys)

Wolf’s Den
(Ellis Wolfreys)

Whats Up Wednesday
(Bon Evans)

Mixed Tape / Kingston Live
(Duane Hudson / Reid & Jackson)

(James Mulvale)

Island Sunrise Show
(Dan Simpson)

A capella to Zither
(Bill McKee)

In So Many Words
(Jen Mulvale)

(Carl McCrosky)

More Cowbell
(Sue Dodds)

Tha Fonk
(Ricky Brant)

Friday Morning Show
(Lorna Willis and Lynn Wyminga)
(Ang Fohry)
Studio Stories Show Archive
Studio Stories
(Lynn Wyminga)

Dis Dat and De Udder Ting
(Vic Hill)

Friday Night Show
(Eric Tremblay)

Space Station 23
(Boo Daley)

Jukebox Saturday Morning
(Nic Rosetti)

Urban Legends
(Jai Sadler)

Sips and Sounds
(Carrick McAllister)

Spiral Groove
(Devin Stewart)

Saturday Night Barn Burner
(Chris Gaines)

Bach’s Sacred Gifts
(Carl McCrosky)

Riverboat Breakfast Hour
(David Knowles)

Carbon and The City
(David Knowles)

The Beerd
(Josh Hayter)

(Jason Bellamy)

Sunday Nights
(Colin Kennedy)

The Flip Side
(Andrew Stevenson)

For The Birds
(Janet Scott)