Volunteers put forward many hours of effort to keep this community radio station alive. The family of volunteers at Amherst Island Radio work hard in front of the microphones as well as behind the scenes. For information about ON AIR broadcasters, please see their show description pages located in the menu on the right. Do you want to help out? JOIN US! Reach out to us and we would love to talk about how you can help.

Below are some of the key volunteers that support Amherst Island Radio in roles that do not involve speaking into a microphone. If you see them on the street, shake their hand and pat them on the back. Despite receiving no pay, they work hard to distribute, promote and sustain independent radio in our community.

Station Manager – Dayle Gowan
Technical Wizard – Justin Brake
Technical Wizard – Wayne Gulden
Technical Wizard – Carl McCrosky
Director of Sponsorships – Bruce Sudds
Director of Promotions – Cathy Christmas
Chief Music Librarian –
Website – Terry McGinn
Program Director – Eric Tremblay

Board of Directors

President – Eric Tremblay Vice-President – Cathy Christmas
Treasurer – David Pickering Secretary – Leah Murray
Judy Bierma Sue Dodds
Anthony Gifford Dayle Gowan
Terry McGinn Bill McKee
Ellis Wolfreys David Wreggitt

If you are interested in volunteering at Amherst Island Radio in any capacity, please let us know. We look forward to growing the volunteer family and adding you to the Team!