Here’s what YOU are saying about Amherst Island Radio:

Linda-May Little-Votary and Richard Byford, Prince Edward County – 02 February 2016

My husband and I live in Prince Edward County and recently cleaned out my dad’s garage in Perth Rd. There was an old radio that we took to the barn and the only station that works is yours. Love it, Love it, Love it. We are lambing right now and although I always love the barn, I find myself staying longer just to listen to your station. Can’t get it in the vehicles, the house or my shop, which is outside of Belleville, which is a big disappointment. The animals are calmer and wander in the barn much more often to lay down and I swear it is because of your music choices. It is on 24 hrs a day, everyday. What a lovely, serendipitous find. -Linda-May

Karl Kaufmann – Evoryton, Connecticut – 02 October 2015

Less than a month ago I had never even heard of Amherst Island, Ontario. Then I was invited as a guest waller to the Irish-Canadian Dry Wall Festival. We are so glad we came. We definitely fell in love with Amherst Island and her residents. I LOVE this radio station. It was tuned in the entire time we were there and I’m now a hardcore online listener. Hopefully Drystone Canada will organize another festival on the island! -Karl

Jeff Jackson – England – 24 March 2015

I spent a few years at Bath Institution and left there just over a year ago – deported back to England. I have fond memories enjoying listening to your station while walking around the grounds and staring across at the island and wondering exactly where you are. You do have a few loyal listeners at the Institute who, for obvious reasons can’t contact you. Thanks for being there. -Jeff

Mary Drinkwater – Bath, ON – 12 March 2015

I just happened to tune into this station….didn’t even know it existed! I live right across from Amherst Island, in Bath, but am not here very often. Just heard a wonderful program (music of Jeanette Arsenault)….had never heard of her before….but the program was just so ‘human’ and ‘down-to-earth’….and the music was great! I will be bookmarking this and have ‘liked’ it on Facebook! When I am back in Kingston for longer periods of time, I will definitely try to get more involved to help keep this going. -Mary

Erin Flanagan – Melville, SK – 05 August 2014

Although I do not listen on a regular basis I love this station and its whole philosophy. It is what I believe local radio should be and we need more stations like yours across Canada, that cater to locals. I am 55 year old man and will listen to anything for three or four minutes but I do find it irritating that radio in the last 25 years generally has formats that they follow in one or two hour slots or for that matter the whole day. I remember local radio in the sixties when you listened to The Doors, followed by a marching band, or a country and western singer. I could natter on and on about programming but I fear you have enough on your plate already. Good luck to you and all your endeavours. Keep up the great work. -Erin

Norm McWaters – Belleville, ON – 07 June 2014

On behalf of the Upper Canada Region of Antique and Classic Car Club of Canada, I wish to express our appreciation for allowing us to visit your station May 26th. We enjoyed your hospitality. Thanks and best wishes. – Norm

Joe Du Vall – Ottawa, ON – 04 November 2013

You folks have a good mix of music although a show that features 70’s tracks not normally heard i.e. “B”sides from the 1960’s, ’70’s and 80’s would be novel…. You folks do a great job with your station and it shows. -Joe

Laurie & Brian – Barrie, ON – 31 August 2013

Many thanks for the Friday night show tonight, Aug 30 (Cathy Christmas with Jim Elyot and Rick Choma) Not only were familiar radio personalities playing music from the very year my husband and I got together (1984- how perfect is that?), but you played our request, “What a Wonderful World” to top off our 27th wedding anniversary, today. Truly special for us. We are supporters of CJAI, and always listen when in the area, and listen online as possible when elsewhere. This experience has made us appreciate you all even more! Cheers! -Laurie & Brian

Bob Anderson – Victoria, BC – 31 Aug 2013

Hi Guys, Bob Anderson here. I worked at CLKC 1380 in Kingston] in the 70s and early 80s. Jim Elyot will likely remember me. I’m listening on the internet on Vancouver Island. (Victoria) The show is great! Brings back great memories. Hall and Oats reminded me on Robin Brent singing at the top of his lungs in the control room. Bringing back memories of Robin, Greg Hunter, Chris Ryan (Sinclair) Scott Jackson, Burcie Anfosie (by the way nice new Tesla car) Brian Ashly, Gord Taylor, Kimmy Nixon Jim Waters, and sooo many more on both CKLC and CFLY. Very nostalgic! Thanks for great memories of Kingston. Best regards to all at CJAI. -Bob

Bob Harrop – Perth Road Village, ON – 16 Aug 2013

Tuned in online for the first time this morning….to my delight, I hear Metallica in context of traditional music. Fabulous and funny. In my mind’s eye I was picturing many fuddy duddies at the breakfast table in utter shock with their false teeth falling into their bowls of Fiber cereal. Great way to wake up. Have a nice day. -Bob

Patrick Kennedy – Kingston, ON – 16 Aug 2013

Love your show & most of the programmes…just listening to Seamus & whowever singing tune called “whiskey in the jar”…Seamus is pronounced Ssaymus & Celtic by the way has “hard “c” pronounced “k”. Notable exceptions are the Boston Celtics & Glasgow Celtic…. in most other references to the Celts the “Keltic” is correct. -Padraig

Anna Gutmanis – Pickering, ON – 22 July 2013

Thank you SO much to you and the other wonderful hosts of the “Udder Morning Show”! I listened from 8 AM-on and am so grateful that you played 4 songs from “Glimmer”. And you’re right, it was fitting that your preceding feature was an interview with the ED of “Loving Spoonful” from Kingston, an organization that does fantastic work. When I was first training to work in shelters, I used to go to the local bagel shop and take back all of their end-of-day goods so that the residents could have them! It’s good to learn about all of the good people in our communities who are doing this important work. And I didn’t know about the Ontario Donation of Food Act – great info to have to encourage more food donations from folks who don’t know they CAN’T be sued if they make the donations in good faith. Anyway, I run on….thank you for supporting my music and for all the great work you do at CJAI! Have a wonderful week. Cheers, -Anna.

Connie Markle – Kingston, ON – 28 May 2013

Good morning and thanks for your prompt reply. My husband and I listen to your little radio station on a regular basis. You have some great program, so keep up the good work. No one contacted me requesting a donation, we just heard on the radio that the fundraiser was on, so I decided to donate again this year. You actually had my boss at the radio station, Rob Carnegie and his band. He is the Director of Tourism Kingston. Hope you have a great day. -Connie

Suzanne Schell – Ottawa, ON – 24 May 2013

Hello there. I tune in from time to time and enjoy the Island on radio. I spoke with the fellow on the phone today and indicated I would send a cheque. Thanks for thanking me on the air. -Suzanne

Eloise Gowan – Amherst Island – 1 May 2013

We are listening to your repeat [of Up Steve’s Sleeves] and are really enjoying it. You guys are great! What a good idea! Glad there will be more of this. Glad also for the repeat in AM. Your Fan, -Elly.

Michele Le Lay – Amherst Island – 1 May 2013

I second that… I totally enjoyed the show… are we witnessing a great new Duo… The Crookedwood +Doctor Love = the Crooked Love! Congratulations! -Michele

Julie Shannon – Chicago, Illinois – 12 January 2013

Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly. I’ll give it a try tomorrow or Monday and as always we’ll keep listening. By the way, I’m the proud owner of a CJAI ball cap and Mike (my husband) has the bumper sticker on his Jeep. What can I say we fell in love with the station and the island. Peace, -Julie.