Tuned Up

Hosted by:

Shannon Myra


Ex-roller derby superstar Shannon Myra crafts a tasty show for you every Tuesday for you from 7-9pm. Shannon will be taking your song requests. Don’t be shy – email her your obscure and fun song suggestions. She would love to play them for you.

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Listen to Past Shows:

Tuned Up20170103 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20170117 (109.5M)
Tuned Up20170124 (107.9M)
Tuned Up20170131 (105.4M)
Tuned Up20170228 (109.4M)
Tuned Up20170307 (107.2M)
Tuned Up20170314 (103.9M)
Tuned Up20170321 (109.4M)
Tuned Up20170328 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20170404 (109.4M)
Tuned Up20170411 (109.4M)
Tuned Up20170418 (109.5M)
Tuned Up20170425 (109.4M)
Tuned Up20170502 (109.3M)
Tuned Up20170509 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20170516 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20170523 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20170530 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20170606 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20170613 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20170620 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20170627 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20170704 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20170711 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20170718 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20170725 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20170801 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20170808 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20170815 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20170822 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20170905 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20170912 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20170919 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20170926 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20171003 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20171010 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20171017 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20171024 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20171031 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20171107 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20171114 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20171121 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20171128 (109.5M)
Tuned Up20171205 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20171212 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20171219 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20171226 (109.5M)
Tuned Up20180102 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20180109 (109.5M)
Tuned Up20180116 (109.5M)
Tuned Up20180123 (109.5M)
Tuned Up20180130 (109.3M)
Tuned Up20180206 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20180213 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20180220 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20180227 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20180306 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20180313 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20180320 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20180327 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20180403 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20180410 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20180417 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20180424 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20180501 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20180508 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20180515 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20180522 (109.5M)
Tuned Up20180529 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20180605 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20180612 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20180619 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20180626 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20180703 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20180710 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20180717 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20180724 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20180731 (109.6M)
Tuned Up20180807 (109.6M)


  • Tuesday - 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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