Mixed Tape

Hosted by:

Duane Hudson


DJ Duane “Beef” Hudson is a local music expert and Boston Bruins fanatic! He rocks out like crazy on the mixed tape. He loves playing your requests and hosting local bands in studio. Check it out!

The exclusive sponsor for the Mixed Tape is Roswell Rehearsals Visit their website at http://www.roswellrehearsals.ca or like them on Facebook for more information about they can help you take your music to another dimension!

past shows


Duane doesn’t know what he likes more, the Bruins or Music! 😉

Listen to Past Shows:

Mixed Tape20170104 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20170118 (164.3M)
Mixed Tape20170125 (163.4M)
Mixed Tape20170201 (164.2M)
Mixed Tape20170301 (163.8M)
Mixed Tape20170308 (161.6M)
Mixed Tape20170315 (84.5M)
Mixed Tape20170322 (164.2M)
Mixed Tape20170329 (164.2M)
Mixed Tape20170405 (163.8M)
Mixed Tape20170412 (163.9M)
Mixed Tape20170419 (164.1M)
Mixed Tape20170426 (164.1M)
Mixed Tape20170503 (164M)
Mixed Tape20170510 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20170517 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20170524 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20170531 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20170607 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20170614 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20170621 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20170628 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20170705 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20170712 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20170719 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20170726 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20170802 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20170809 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20170816 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20170823 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20170830 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20170906 (164.3M)
Mixed Tape20170913 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20170920 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20170927 (164.3M)
Mixed Tape20171004 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20171011 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20171018 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20171025 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20171101 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20171108 (164.3M)
Mixed Tape20171115 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20171122 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20171129 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20171206 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20171213 (164.3M)
Mixed Tape20171220 (164.3M)
Mixed Tape20171227 (164.3M)
Mixed Tape20180103 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20180110 (164.3M)
Mixed Tape20180117 (164.2M)
Mixed Tape20180124 (164.3M)
Mixed Tape20180131 (164.1M)
Mixed Tape20180207 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20180214 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20180221 (45.5M)
Mixed Tape20180228 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20180307 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20180314 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20180321 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20180328 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20180404 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20180411 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20180418 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20180425 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20180502 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20180509 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20180516 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20180523 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20180530 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20180606 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20180613 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20180620 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20180627 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20180704 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20180711 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20180718 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20180725 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20180801 (164.4M)
Mixed Tape20180808 (164.4M)


  • Wednesday - 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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