Cheesemaker’s Daughter

Hosted by:

Judy Bierma & Anthony Gifford


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Judy Bierma and Anthony Gifford play an eclectic selection of music on the Cheesemaker’s Daughter. On the program they will play your requests, remember and thank people who have made a difference in our lives, host local artists and their music, invite people to come and co-host too! And most importantly … have a fun time!

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Listen to Past Shows:

Cheesemakers Daughter20171005 (109.6M)
Cheesemakers Daughter20171012 (109.6M)
Cheesemakers Daughter20171019 (109.6M)
Cheesemakers Daughter20171026 (109.6M)
Cheesemakers Daughter20171102 (109.6M)
Cheesemakers Daughter20171109 (109.6M)
Cheesemakers Daughter20171116 (109.5M)
Cheesemakers Daughter20171123 (109.6M)
Cheesemakers Daughter20171130 (109.4M)
Cheesemakers Daughter20171207 (109.5M)
Cheesemakers Daughter20171214 (109.6M)
Cheesemakers Daughter20171221 (109.4M)
Cheesemakers Daughter20171228 (109.3M)
Cheesemakers Daughter20180104 (109.4M)
Cheesemakers Daughter20180111 (109.4M)
Cheesemakers Daughter20180118 (109.3M)
Cheesemakers Daughter20180125 (109.3M)
Cheesemakers Daughter20180201 (109.3M)
Cheesemakers Daughter20180208 (109.6M)
Cheesemakers Daughter20180215 (109.6M)
Cheesemakers Daughter20180222 (109.6M)
Cheesemakers Daughter20180301 (109.6M)
Cheesemakers Daughter20180308 (109.6M)
Cheesemakers Daughter20180315 (109.6M)
Cheesemakers Daughter20180322 (109.6M)
Cheesemakers Daughter20180329 (109.6M)
Cheesemakers Daughter20180405 (109.6M)
Cheesemakers Daughter20180412 (109.6M)
Cheesemakers Daughter20180416 (109.6M)
Cheesemakers Daughter20180423 (109.6M)
Cheesemakers Daughter20180430 (109.6M)
Cheesemakers Daughter20180507 (109.6M)
Cheesemakers Daughter20180514 (109.6M)
Cheesemakers Daughter20180521 (109.6M)
Cheesemakers Daughter20180528 (109.6M)
Cheesemakers Daughter20180604 (109.6M)
Cheesemakers Daughter20180611 (109.6M)
Cheesemakers Daughter20180618 (109.6M)
Cheesemakers Daughter20180625 (109.6M)
Cheesemakers Daughter20180702 (109.6M)
Cheesemakers Daughter20180709 (109.6M)
Cheesemakers Daughter20180716 (109.6M)
Cheesemakers Daughter20180723 (109.6M)
Cheesemakers Daughter20180730 (109.6M)
Cheesemakers Daughter20180806 (109.6M)
Cheesemakers Daughter20180813 (109.6M)


  • Monday - 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Wednesday - 10:00 am - 12:00 pm Encore Presentation

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