150 Years Made in Canada

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Janet Scott & Keith Miller


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Janet Scott and Keith Miller are joining forces for a new Tuesday morning show called: 150 Years Made in Canada.

Together they have a combined age of 150 years!  WOW!  They bring all their wisdom, knowledge and great senses of humour together to entertain you from 7-9am every Tuesday morning.  Tune in to hear great stories about Amherst Island, Eastern Ontario, and Canada!


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Listen to Past Shows:

150Years MadeInCanada20161122 (109.6M)
150Years MadeInCanada20161206 (109.6M)
150Years MadeInCanada20161213 (109.6M)
150Years MadeInCanada20161220 (109.6M)
150Years MadeInCanada20161227 (109.6M)
150Years MadeInCanada20170103 (109.6M)
150Years MadeInCanada20170110 (109.5M)
150Years MadeInCanada20170117 (109.5M)
150Years MadeInCanada20170124 (107.9M)
150Years MadeInCanada20170131 (106.6M)
150Years MadeInCanada20170228 (109.4M)
150Years MadeInCanada20170307 (109M)
150Years MadeInCanada20170314 (104.8M)
150Years MadeInCanada20170321 (109.6M)
150Years MadeInCanada20170328 (109.6M)
150Years MadeInCanada20170404 (109.6M)
150Years MadeInCanada20170411 (109.6M)
150Years MadeInCanada20170418 (109.6M)
150Years MadeInCanada20170425 (109.4M)
150Years MadeInCanada20170502 (109.6M)
150Years MadeInCanada20170509 (109.6M)
150Years MadeInCanada20170516 (109.6M)
150Years MadeInCanada20170523 (109.6M)
150Years MadeInCanada20170530 (109.6M)
150Years MadeInCanada20170606 (109.6M)
150Years MadeInCanada20170613 (109.6M)
150Years MadeInCanada20170620 (109.6M)
150Years MadeInCanada20170627 (109.6M)
150Years MadeInCanada20170704 (109.6M)
150Years MadeInCanada20170711 (109.6M)
150Years MadeInCanada20170718 (109.6M)
150Years MadeInCanada20170725 (109.6M)
150Years MadeInCanada20170801 (109.6M)
150Years MadeInCanada20170808 (109.6M)
150Years MadeInCanada20170815 (109.6M)
150Years MadeInCanada20170822 (109.6M)
150Years MadeInCanada20170905 (109.6M)
150Years MadeInCanada20170912 (109.6M)
150Years MadeInCanada20170919 (109.6M)
150Years MadeInCanada20170926 (109.6M)
150Years MadeInCanada20171003 (109.6M)
150Years MadeInCanada20171010 (109.6M)
150Years MadeInCanada20171017 (109.6M)
150Years MadeInCanada20171024 (109.6M)
150Years MadeInCanada20171031 (109.6M)
150Years MadeInCanada20171107 (109.6M)
150Years MadeInCanada20171114 (109.6M)
150Years MadeInCanada20171121 (109.6M)
150Years MadeInCanada20171128 (109.5M)
150Years MadeInCanada20171205 (109.6M)
150Years MadeInCanada20171212 (109.6M)
150Years MadeInCanada20171219 (109.6M)
150Years MadeInCanada20171226 (109.6M)
150Years MadeInCanada20180102 (109.6M)
150Years MadeInCanada20180109 (109.6M)
150Years MadeInCanada20180116 (109.6M)
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