All Local, All the Time!

Attention Musicians: Submit your local music HERE! Over 315 local artists have their music showcased on Radio Free Stella!

Kingston Region Get New Radio Station: All Local, All The Time.

December 1st, 2019  STELLA, ON – Today, Amherst Island Radio 92.1 FM launched a second product:  a streaming radio station called Radio Free Stella that plays 100% local music all the time!  For years Eastern Ontario has been creating a wealth of musical talent.  Events like Homegrown Music Festival, Wolfe Island Music Festival, Emerald Music Festival, Limestone City Blues Festival, Voodoo Rock Fest, The Napanee Country Jamboree, Blue Skies Music Festival and McKinnon Brothers Back to the Farm are just some examples of how showcasing local music is a part of a long standing tradition here in the Kingston area.  When Amherst Island Radio started broadcasting in 2006, it made a decision to focus on everything local, including music. “Every year we bring in over 100 musical acts live in-studio at the radio station and on average that adds up to over 300 musicians!  It’s magical.  The amount of talent in this region is just staggering.  We are constantly charting local musicians on our Top 30 new release chart.”, says Eric Tremblay, President of Amherst Island Radio.  Long standing volunteer broadcaster Ellis Wolfreys, host of the popular Wolf’s Den program of Wednesday afternoon, has personally brought into the radio station more than 1,000 musicians over the last 13 years.  “I attend a lot of musical jams and events in the area, and people are always coming up to me asking if they can do a live in-studio performance for Amherst Island Radio.  I’m usually booking about 2 or 3 months in advance onto my program”, Wolfreys says.  In fact, in 2019 Wolfreys was recognized for his efforts promoting local music and was inducted into the Land O’Lakes Traditional Music Hall of Fame in the promoter category.  “It’s a team effort.”, says Dave Wreggitt, Vice-President of Amherst Island Radio.  “We are always looking for ways to showcase local music but in reality it’s not too difficult.  From Belleville to Brockville to North of Hwy 7, there’s so much great music being made here.  So much so that we felt there was an opportunity to do more.  So Amherst Island Radio created Radio Free Stella – a 100% local streaming radio station.”

Sue Dodds, popular Thursday night broadcaster on 92.1 FM explains that “When you flip around the radio dial in the region it’s not that easy to hear local music on the radio and I’m proud to volunteer at Amherst Island Radio where we play a lot of local stuff.  Now we’ve created Radio Free Stella to break through the barrier even more.  It’s a streaming radio station playing all local music all the time and it’s available for free 24hrs a day 365 day a year.  A team of volunteers has been growing the local music database for months and at the time of launch we have over 2,300 tracks.  It’s pretty amazing! We know we will constantly be growing the size of the local music database because there’s always great new music being released in this region.”  

Radio Free Stella won’t have any live DJs on it.  It’s mainly great local music with short 15 second commercials from businesses and organizations that are especially interested in supporting everything local.  Business like Autohouse Kingston, DM Boat Sales and Kingston Community Credit Union were some of the first to sign on to advertise on the new service.  When asked why the decision was made to have no DJs on the new internet-only station, Eric Tremblay said “If you want quirky broadcasters and engagingly eclectic radio content then Amherst Island Radio 92.1 FM’s got that.  But if you want something different, just great local music, then Radio Free Stella is for you.  Think of it like Spotify or Apply Music but just for the Kingston and surrounding area.  In fact, Radio Free Stella is perfect for playing inside business establishments.  Businesses want customers who shop local, eat local and drink local…. and now the same customers can also listen local.  I encourage every business in the area who is playing Spotify over their speakers to switch to Radio Free Stella.  Send the right message to your local customers.  Make sure they know you support all the fabulous local music being created in the area.”

Listen to Radio Free Stella right now by going to RadioFreeStella.com and a mobile app is also coming soon. Amherst Island Radio is staffed by over 50 volunteers.  The 100% volunteer-run operation does amazing things with limited resources.  If you want to get involved by donating, sponsoring, volunteering, or playing a live in-studio gig then they are looking forward to hearing from you.  Check out the new Radio Free Stella today, it fills a growing need in our community – all local music, all the time.

Statistics About Amherst Island Radio 

• Established in 2006 
• 100% volunteer-run, 100% non-profit independent radio station
• Running 24/7/365, broadcasting on 92.1 FM and streaming on the Internet. Second product is Radio Free Stella broadcasting on on the Internet only 100% local music around the clock.
• Over 10,000+ FM listeners per month. Top 10 locations of listeners: Kingston (38%), Amherstview (8%), Napanee (7%), Bath (7%), Amherst Island (6%), Odessa (4%), Ottawa (3%), Belleville (2%), Toronto (2%), and Gananoque (2%). 21% of our listeners come from other regions such as Brockville, Perth, Picton, Seeley’s Bay, Newburgh, Sydenham, Battersea, Enterprise, Trenton, Verona, Glenburnie, and the USA.
• Popular listener age segments: Under 30 (19%), 31-40 (19%), 41-50 (20%), 51-60 (26%), Over 60 (16%)
• Our listeners love social media! 93% use Facebook, 65% use Instagram and 46% use Twitter.
• Our listeners love our diverse music! Music that they love on our station includes Rock & Roll (67%), Country (50%), Indie Rock (43%), Pop (42%), Singer/Songwriter (40%), Dance (27%), Blues (24%), Hard Rock (23%), Hip-Hop Rap (21%), Classical (19%), Bluegrass (18%), Jazz (16%), World Music (16%) and Electronica (10%)
• Over 11,200+ Twitter followers
• Over 4,600+ Instagram followers
• Over 4,200+ Facebook followers
• Over 100+ musical acts perform live in-studio for listeners in studio each year
• Over 50+ local businesses and organizations advertise with Amherst Island Radio (either on the air, on social media, or via text-message banner service)
• Federally licenced broadcaster with SOCAN, CMRRA and Re:Sound licences in good standing.

For more information, or for sponsorship enquiries, contact Eric Tremblay at 613-530-6238 or president@cjai.ca