Local is best!  Now you can help showcase YOUR local musicians, local events and local organizations! If you are interested in keeping Amherst Island Radio alive please donate any amount; great or small!  If you have an extra couple of dollars please consider making a small contribution to Amherst Island Radio’s operational funds.

We are independent, 100% volunteer-run and 100% non-profit! We are proud of our 100% volunteer staff.  365 days a year we do our best to bring you the local content that you want!

We sizzle on a shoestring!  We broadcast 24 hrs a day on 92.1 FM as well as on the Internet, and we do this all for about $50/day! Most other radio stations could spend that in just a few minutes.  We still have some sizable bills: streaming audio on the Internet, electricity, heating/cooling, telephone, royalties to Canadian musicians, licensing fees, equipment costs, promotion costs, etc. But we keep costs low so that we can continue to serve the local community year-after-year!

Thank you for supporting YOUR Amherst Island Radio and helping us showcase all the great local content that you crave!

Contact us any time about making a donation, send us a cheque in the mail payable to “Amherst Island Radio” (here’s the mailing address), or donate by credit card via PayPal below.