Let’s bring some excitement about our ferry’s return to Amherst Island!

Enter before the end of day on Sept. 30th to have a chance to win a CJAI T-shirt & hat.

On your computer, go to email: contests@cjai.ca

If you don’t have a computer, ask someone that does to do your entry.

One entry per person please.

There will be a limit of 5 duplicate winners & we will have a CJAI hat for the runner up.

In the subject line put: Ferry Be Back

In the content: Put the date and the half hour time (i.e.: 9:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m., etc.) when you think the ferry will make the first “official” run of the Frontenac 11 from Millhaven. The closest to the time is the winner as the ferry could be off schedule due to the exchange.

Be sure to include your name and telephone number.



Entries to date

Sept 28, 1:30pm, 2:30pm

Sept 29, 2:30pm

Oct 2, 12:30pm

Oct 7, 2:30pm

Oct 8, 1:30pm

Oct 13, 12:30pm

Oct 15, 11:30am

Oct 21, 6:30am, 4:30pm

Oct 23, 11am

Oct 27, 4:30pm

Oct 28, 11:30am

Nov 2, 2pm

Nov 6, 10:30am

Nov 13, 2:30pm