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Donate! Keep independent radio alive!


Local is best!  Now you can help YOUR showcase local musicians, local events and local organizations! If you are interested in keeping Amherst Island Radio alive, please donate any amount, great or small!  If you have an extra couple of dollars, please consider making a small contribution to Amherst Island Radio’s operational funds.

We are independent, 100% volunteer-run and 100% non-profit! We are proud of our 100% volunteer staff.  365 days a year we do our best to bring you the local content that you want!

We sizzle on a shoestring!  We broadcast 24 hrs a day on 92.1 FM as well as on the Internet, and we do this all for about $50/day! Most other radio stations could spend that in just a few minutes.  We still have some sizeable bills: streaming audio on the Internet, electricity, heating/cooling, telephone, royalties to Canadian musicians, licensing fees, equipment costs, promotion costs, etc. But we keep costs low so that we can continue to serve the local community year-after-year!

Thank you for supporting YOUR Amherst Island Radio and helping us showcase all the great local content that you crave!

Contact us any time about making a donation, send us a cheque in the mail payable to “CJAI” (here’s the mailing address), or donate by credit card via PayPal below.

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