For episode 14, I spoke on the phone with recycled textile artist Joanne Jones of mined reCREATIONS in Cambridge, Ontario. I started following Joanne on Instagram a while back and met her in November 2017 at a Toronto show, where our fundraising plan was hatched. Hear about how Joanne got started in recycled textiles, her process, her amazing scholarship project, and a bit about our fundraising collaboration in the interview.

mined reCREATIONS Joanne Jones
Joanne at work in her Cambridge studio
mined reCREATIONS Miner Weekend bag
A one of a kind recycled textile weekend bag from mined reCREATIONS

A sneak peek at the Gord Downie | Chanie Wenjack Fund bags currently on Joanne’s work table:

mined reCREATIONS Downie | Wenjack bag sneak peek

mined reCREATIONS Downie | Wenjack bags sneak peek

See Joanne’s work in person at booth U54 at the upcoming 2018 One of a Kind Winter Show in Toronto, or visit her studio at 1916 Coronation Blvd. in Cambridge. Website, instagram @minedrecreations and facebook minedrecreations.

As promised, here’s the rug made by her grandparents that sparked Joanne’s interest in recycling textiles into beautiful, durable creations.

Olive&Arthur-rug mined reCREATIONS

Joanne created an amazing weekend bag from my old university jacket, which I use all the time now. I was so excited that I posted a video of it on Instagram here.

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All images © 2018 mined reCREATIONS used with permission.