In June I had the pleasure of taking part in a lovely 2 day show at the Lower Brewers Lock north of Kingston. I arrived early on the 2nd day with my microphones and sat down with two artists that day for a couple of short interviews. August 10, 2018’s episode (11) will be the first of those interviews, with Sarah Hamelin of Caboose Co.

Here’s a few photos I snapped that day.

Host Lynn Wyminga & guest Sarah Hamelin of Caboose Co
Here we are in Sarah’s booth all hooked up to our microphones and ready to chat. (Sarah, right, was very excited to be wearing a Lavalier mic!)
Caboose Co's birch vases
Hear about Caboose Co’s birch vases in the interview
Caboose Co birch stump pottery mug or planter
Caboose Co birch stump pottery mug or planter
Caboose Co's silk screened pottery camp mugs
Caboose Co’s silk screened pottery camp mugs

Check out Caboose Co online at, on facebook, and instagram and will be at the Kingston Women’s Art Festival.

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Sarah’s mentions her biggest inspiration: visual and textile artist Janet Morton.