This August 17, 2018 episode (12) is the second of two short interviews I did at an art show north of Kingston at Lower Brewers Lock back in June of 2018. My booth neighbour at that show was Kingston-based Veronica Lloyd of Sable Dog Paddles, who paints gorgeous paddles, some new, some used, some custom, and *almost* all of them functional (occasionally some of the used ones are beyond repair).

Sable Dog Paddles 1
Sable dog paddles paints mostly artisan canoe paddles, but is happy to do oars (2 above on the right) when she can find them, too! Many are old, refurbished and refinished but some are new as well (sourced locally).
Sable Dog Paddles 2
Ronnie also had a couple of axes with gorgeous painted handles.
Sable Dog Paddles 3
Sable Dog Paddles gorgeous artisan canoe paddles.

You can find Sable Dog Paddles on Instagram and Facebook. Ronnie’s next show is the Women’s Art Festival in City Park on August 19, 2018. (Below is from Ronnie’s instagram feed). She also currently sells at the Cornerstone in downtown Kingston and the Skiff Café in the Ivy Lea Club.

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And for those curious about the perfect location of her booth, this was filmed before she arrived Sunday morning:

My morning view @donerstudio

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