For the June 1, 2018 episode I took a detour on a trip to Toronto in early April to visit abstract watercolourist Vera Bobson. I met Vera at an art show in Toronto earlier this year and was struck by her vibrant use of colour, bold geometric shapes, and particularly the way she used watercolours. So I asked her then and there if she might consider being on my little island volunteer radio show, and contacted her a couple of months later to do so.

Here is Vera’s bright and cheerful 2nd floor Toronto studio:

Vera Bobson's Toronto studio, copyright 2018 Lynn Wyminga

A couple of Vera Bobson’s watercolour works that we mention in the show, the more representational right and the more abstract left.

Vera Bobson watercolour art, copyright 2018 Lynn Wyminga

Vera herself (taken from her Instagram @verabobson):

A post shared by Vera Bobson (@verabobson) on

A couple more of Bobson’s watercolours (and to see more, follow the links below):

Vera Bobson watercolour

Vera Bobson watercolour art

As mentioned in the episode, Vera Bobson’s gallery will be a part of Toronto’s West End Art Collective Studio Tour Friday June 1 through Sunday June 3, 2018. Find out more at

Also mentioned in the episode, three pieces of Vera’s work are currently in an online exhibition of the Society of Canadian Artists (Wrapped, Green Quad, and Three Squares, shown above), several in the Koyman Gallery in Ottawa, and at Latitude 44 Gallery in Toronto.  You can also visit Vera Bobson’s home gallery on the west side of Toronto (contact first). Visit the website at or follow Vera Bobson on Instagram @verabobson.

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In case you’re curious, Vera mentions some contemporary artists in the interview, including Jake Mol, Margaret Roseman, Christopher Schink, John Lennard, Doris McCarthy, Katherine Chang Liu, Skip Lawrence, and I mention sculptor and art teacher Dorsey James.

All images used with permission of the artist.