For the May 18, 2018 episode I visited the studio of Amherst Island artist Susan Friesen (pre-recorded in March 2018). Her daughter took a fantastic photo of her studio and Susan allowed me to use it here (click for the full photo):

Susan Friesen in her Amherst Island studio

We spoke about her early work of women and girls:

Early work by Susan Friesen: Two Girls Walking (oil)

And more recent flower work:

Flower (oil) by Susan Friesen
Flower (oil) by Susan Friesen

Also her intricately detailed coloured pencil drawings of birds:

Susan Friesen birds coloured pencils
Birds (coloured pencils) by Susan Friesen

For more information and a look at more of Susan’s work, please visit her website

An archive (MP3) of this episode can be found here.

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