For the April 6, 2018 episode of Studio Stories (1pm), we head over to the mainland to Portsmouth Village and visit Annette Willis, rogue quilt builder of Chasing Lightning Bugs.

Annette Willis of Chasing Lightning Bugs Studio, photo by Lynn Wyminga
Annette in her cosy cottage studio in Portsmouth Village.

In this episode we discuss a many things, including a few quilts, like this one from her early era, similar to the one she saw in the film that spurred on this creative endeavour, and below that, a new one.

Chasing Lightning Bugs early classic quilt, photo by Lynn Wyminga
Chasing Lightning Bugs early classic quilt
Chasing Lightning Bugs current quilt, photo by Lynn Wyminga
Brand new quilt from Chasing Lightning Bugs, freshly washed and dried and all puckered like it’s been around for decades.

We also discussed the Miss Havisham quilt, one of which you can find here, and her song/poetry/quote quilts, which you can see here and here and here.

Check out Chasing Lightning Bugs online on Facebook and Instagram @chasinglightningbugs or in person (by appointment) at the Chasing Lightning Bugs studio at 55 Mowat Avenue in Portsmouth Village (Kingston). Call/text (613) 539-4671 or email to give Annette a heads up that you’re coming by.

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All images used with permission.