This week Meet Me in the Morning turns 18 (weeks old) and in that spirit we’ve decided to do a quick round-up of all the episodes that have aired so far. Below you can find information and links to each of the eighteen past episodes and the featured artist that was covered by host Jack Little that week.

If you’re unfamiliar with Meet Me in the Morning it’s CJAI’s Saturday morning show, that airs live each week from 8am to 10am, on which an artist is explored in depth. Each show will cover the artists who influenced the featured artist, the impact the featured artist has had on popular music, and some comparative (or contrasting) contemporaries will be played as well.

Give a listen, we’re sure you’ll enjoy.


Link Featured Artist Date
MMITM20171118.mp3 Bob Dylan 2017-Nov-18
MMITM20171125.mp3 Hozier 2017-Nov-25
MMITM20171202.mp3 Artists of Greenwich Village 2017-Dec-02
MMITM20171209.mp3 Kings of Leon 2017-Dec-09
MMITM20171216.mp3 The Band 2017-Dec-16
MMITM20171223.mp3 Christmas Songs 2017-Dec-23
MMITM20171230.mp3 Sam Cooke 2017-Dec-30
MMITM20180106.mp3 Leon Bridges 2018-Jan-06
MMITM20180113.mp3 Fleetwood Mac 2018-Jan-13
MMITM20180120.mp3 The National 2018-Jan-20
MMITM20180127.mp3 Credence Clearwater Revival 2018-Jan-27
MMITM20180203.mp3 Dan Mangan 2018-Feb-03
MMITM20180210.mp3 Aretha Franklin 2018-Feb-10
MMITM20180224.mp3 Leif Vollebekk 2018-Feb-24
MMITM20180303.mp3 Music in Classic Film 2018-Mar-03
MMITM20180310.mp3 Music in Modern Film 2018-Mar-10

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