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Donate! Keep community radio alive!


Help YOUR comunity! If you are interested in helping to keep Amherst Island Radio alive, any amount, great or small, would be appreciated.  So if you have an extra couple of dollars, please consider making a small contribution to Amherst Island Radio’s operational funds.

We are a volunteer operated community radio station.  We are proud of our 100% volunteer staff.  Starting from scratch, with very few volunteers ever having seen the insides of a radio station before, we built the studios, trained ourselves on the use of sophisticated digital audio editing software, learned programming, and fearlessly broadcasted LIVE on-the-air.  We have future plans that include the nuances of news broadcasts, research and reporting, improving the audio quality of in-studio live performances, and getting up-to-date information to all our friends and neighbours.  Our volunteers do it all with grace and good humour, to the best of their abilities.

We are also very proud of our ability to keep costs under control. Our station consists of many pieces of fine broadcast-quality equipment. Our group of technical volunteers, with a mix of various skills sets, work hard to keep ahead of equipment and software maintenance and repairs.

We don’t have a big budget for self promotion, but we do have the euro-style “AI” stickers (for Amherst Island, of course) — you may have seen them around.  These are an exclusive benefit and reflection of your support for Island Radio.  So, if you see one such badge of honour on the mainland, say “hi!”.  They are a like minded soul!

We operate on a very tight budget – about $40 per day.  Most commercial stations could spend that in just a few minutes.  We still have some sizeable bills, however. For example, our streaming audio on the Internet costs us more than $300/year to operate. If you are enjoying the service, please help us keep it running by making a donation to defray the costs.  Operationally, we spend approximately $200 a month year-round for electricity, $90 a month for business telephone service, $800 a year in payments to support Canadian Musicians, and $30 a month archiving our transmitted audio 24/7/365These are operational costs that we cannot avoid, but we are working at trimming them by increasing efficiency, investigating alternative services, and cutting down on duplication costs.  We also constantly work at being as GREEN as we can be!

Thank you for supporting YOUR Amherst Island Radio and helping us bring you Canada through your speakers.

Contact us any time about making a donation, send us a cheque in the mail payable to “CJAI” (here’s the mailing address), or donate via PayPal below.

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