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Propose a show or Volunteer

How to Propose a Radio Show at CJAI

So, you’re a station programmer at heart? Well, a programmer could be defined as a “DJ”, or a host or producer of a spoken word show, or could be someone who creates their show and emails it to the station. So lets find out about the show you are proposing.

Spoken word content is extremely valuable, as we are required to play a minimum 25% of this type of programming. Shows that are greater than 80% spoken word, like news or issues programming, are extremely important forms of expression. This also means that even a show concentrating on music must have 15 minutes of talk per hour.

The first thing you should do is download the Programming PDF flowchart. This is used by the CJAI Programming committee to evaluate show proposals, and will help you understand our priorities as a station.  You will notice a differentiation between how we handle “Category 2″ music (Pop, Country, Rock, Chill, Dance) and “Category 3″ music (Folk, Roots, Blues, Jazz, Classical, Bluegrass, Gospel) :  This policy mirrors government regulations we must follow as laid out for operation of a community radio station.

You will see a reference to CJAI’s official coverage zone.  You can download our map and see it marked as a dotted line.  As you have probably already noticed, CJAI-FM is heard much farther away than the zone indicated by the dotted line. As a function of modern radio receiver technology this is the case with all radio broadcast stations.

As the government has tasked us to serve the residents within that dotted line, that must be our primary purpose. Proposals for coverage of issues in communities dozens of kilometers away generally do not fulfill that mandate. If you are making a proposal for that kind of show, you will need to make an extremely compelling argument that your proposal fills a need for programing that falls within our primary coverage area.

We encourage anyone interested in starting their own community radio station to check the website of the National Campus and Community Radio Association in Ottawa for additional information.   Really, the more independent community radio stations we have out there, the better we all are.  If you would like a tour of our facility to see what you would need to operate a station, or would like to submit a show proposal, please contact us.

How to Volunteer at CJAI

We are always looking for more volunteers! In fact, everyone at the station is a volunteer. Being a volunteer is a rewarding way to connect with your community, and it doesn’t matter if you have never been in a radio environment before.

There are all kinds of volunteer opportunities, both on-air, behind the scenes, and at various events.

To find out more, contact us. We would love to discuss the possibilities with you.

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